Outside Catering

Business, Family, Friends, And Occassion!

Tailor made buffets, please call us for prices


All our platters are designed to serve 6 to 8 people

Assorted Sandwich Platter ( Selection of sandwiches, filled with a variety of fillings from our menu )

Deli Platter ( Slices of fresh and cured meats, served with pickles, bread and butter )

Cheese Platter ( A selection of Welsh, English and French cheese with biscuits, grapes and chutney )

Dessert Platter (Tempting sweet selection)

Tropical Fruit Platter (Chunks of fresh fruit served with Greek yoghurt and honey)


Minimum 4 people

Pizza Buffet

( Sandwich selection, freshly baked mini pizzas and quality sausage rolls )

Quiche Buffet ( Sandwich selection, fresh quiche, sausage rolls and pizza )

Vol-Au-Vent Buffe ( Sandwich selection, filled vol-au-vents, quiche and sausage rolls )

Tailor Made Buffet – Just Call Us!

Where possible, please order outside catering 24 hrs in advance, except sandwich platters.


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